Connected Journey Suite:
Raise your integration to the next level with standards

Connected journeys are harmonizing processes of Salesforce and S/4HANA for one multi-cloud platform ecosystem


Learn about the Connected Journey Suite and how to best connect your lead-to-cash-to-care flow in the SAP and Salesforce cloud platforms.


Status quo of IT: Why “Connected Journeys” for digital?

Functional IT landscapes of most enterprises were mainly behind their own firewall fully under their own control. Digital and customer engagement is changing that: Cloud based CRM connects directly to ERP.


The actual connectivity pain fueled by digital

Up to now we have understood integration more as part of the infrastructure and technical layer. We now see that API driven integration is a part of the digital product itself consuming backbone APIs for a coherent experience.


Connected Journeys harmonize out-of-the-box back-to-core

The Connected Journeys synchronize clouds as a multi-cloud platform ecosystem for end-to-end customer journeys out of the box. The Connected Journey Suite combines the Salesforce core clouds with S/4HANA for the lead-to-cash-to-care experience for customers, employees, and partners.


Process harmonization for cloud transformation scenarios

Cloud transformation scenarios create software as an integral part of the business model for digital. Often, this implies challenges with the existing operating model, especially with connectivity due to the new role of CRM and ERP in digital. The risk of over-planning or under-planning is high.


Connected Journey Suite for Salesforce and SAP S/4HANA

A standard solution is the best start for the challenges of the lead-to-cash-to-care experience.

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